Thursday, 7 June 2012

Are you as good as you think you are?

Well, are you? 

Think about the last mistake you made. Betting it was wrought from the karmic crime of hubris. Hey, happens to me all the time. Whether I'm playing hard for the win in a match or even reading some work and incessantly analyzing. It's our nature to think we're good. We have to or else we get depressed. Comes from a very basic drive to breed--"my genes are better than yours," said your school-yard zygote to your competitors.

But what if they're not (and they probably aren't). There's always someone better than you are. Never forget it. In fact, cherry top it with that there are more than a handful people better than you at living, or cooking, or tennis, or riding a carousel, whatever. That motivates me, after I shrug off the feelings of inadequacy of course. If it doesn't motivate you to be better, examine why. Competition cleanses us of the extraneous and if you can't even be competitive with yourself, Houston--we have a problem.

"Brent, you're being judgmental." I can imagine you say, "it's only your first blog post back since 1989 Tiananmen." Alright, I'll ease off on the unsolicited advice. I was writing a book today (for work) and was reminded that most of my best work comes when feel good, yet don't trust what's coming off my finger-tips is my best work. One's first try is often the right direction, but usually never the complete, illustrated map. Kick your own ass every once in a while (not too often or you'll bleed on your favorite shirt accidentally and you don't want high dry cleaning bills).

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