Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Le Financier

Restaurant Review
Le Financier, Pearl St, New York, NY

The names of every menu item are in French, but the vernacular are all that’s needed to sell you: “Le Languedoc: roasted leg of lamb, ratatouille, fresh brie cheese, melted in like ambrosia, and arugula, all pressed hot on fine French Panini bread.” After the first bite, I’m in awe. There’s no other way to describe the joy of something that costs this little tasting this good. Or more factually, this is one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had.

As I savor each bite as the French would, I imbibe the delicate white and black tiles, hexagonal and ready for a small parade of chefs in frilly white hats to come and ask me what I think of the food. Think of it as one of the few mirrorless parlors of Versailles; draped in good form, and not too heavy as to be accused of appearing ornamental. Friendly staff hand you hip, young, Parisian, trendy green-striped bags for carrying out. Good looking out, you beautiful patisserie.

Come over from work to lunch on a simple and simply satisfying meal that won’t incite your wallet to storm the palace gates in rebellion.

There’s charming versatility, as well. Fine coffees, and to-go morning treats make it a well-mannered breakfast nook. Salads, soups and various sandwiches round out the lunch lineup. So good, you’ll pine to pitch a striped tent and watch Amelie with every morsel.

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