Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Serious questions don't have to be so serious

I had a funny thought while running: what if God created us to watch our rise and fall to live vicariously through us? If He is the Alpha and the Omega, is he not devoid of potential? As the apex of all things, He can't grow like we can. And growth is beautiful, something coveted. Is He beyond such an emotion? That doesn't mean I believe in God, but I do love philosophical (even if theological) questions, especially complex ones. Complex because as the apogee of creation, God can still lose in Paradise Lost, which suggests (who cares about canon) that he does have some potential in him, some uncertainty. But, perhaps such a God wants to live through the rise and fall of individual humans because He cannot. Wouldn't that be tragic and funny?

Disclaimer: this is not what I believe, and I still don't know what to believe with these questions, but I'm perpetually entertained by the fact that men have for thousands of years of monotheism contemplated the reason for their creation and have rarely had the humor to think of their creator as sad. And if He is so sad that he needs to see the shrillest highs and the woest lows in order to complete his understanding of the universe, than isn't he less than Omega? Isn't He supposed to be all knowing? My logic is hole-y. Hah, get it? Bad pun. Is there a good pun?

Oh, wow, I just got a headache. Alright, so I'm probably missing a few pieces of the puzzle. Simple is better. I've always thought about it like this: if I'm sincere, rational, and caring, I have to believe God, if He exists, would approve of that. So forget about all the people who ask why does God permit disasters and horrors. Is He sadistic, just curious, or just flawed like we are?

I can't prove God exists or doesn't exist: but I exist and I'll thank him 86,400 times a day for me being able to breathe and amuse myself with such questions.

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