Monday, 7 March 2011

The Other End of the Line

Movie Review of The Other End of the Line (2008)

As you've probably noticed, not all of the movies I review are the newest or even the most widely critically acclaimed. But that doesn't stop me from making my point: some flicks simply accomplish their purpose of making you smile. That's why you should see The Other End of the Line one evening with your significant other and just smile. I'm not going to praise amazingly crisp acting, 'cause there isn't, although it's by no stretch bad acting. I'm not going to tell you about the dialogue delivering more electricity than cold fusion, because that's not the modus operandi they were going for. It's breezy like a Sunday afternoon picnic. And sometimes that's right on.

This movie has constant momentum, paces itself smoothly, grins back at you with pretty faces in Jesse Metcalfe and Shriya Saran. It's a Rom Com, and it's exactly how you'd want one to behave. No politics, religion, touchy subjects you can't speak about on the subway. No hushed tones, just basic conflicts that easily digest into your popcorn addled minds as you watch in snuggie-covered pleasure.

Seriously. No, not seriously. Nothing about this movie is serious. Well, it's not really very funny either. There are Rom Coms with more laughs, and there are bigger budget ones with the familiar gloop troupe, but this hits the sweet spot of perfectly-choreographed sweet moments. Not too saccharine and never too sour, The Other End of the Line will help you pass 2 enjoyable hours. And you'll even feel like taking your vitamins after.

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