Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Mystery of Momenum

Everyone needs an adventure, an indulgence. There's no shame in it. Watching some period pieces from the 60's and the whole "anti-want" movement strikes me as ill-fitting to the natural human predilection for momentum. One thing leads to another in a well-formed life. It's when stagnation creeps in that we're unhappy. Most people, anyway.

That brings me to a question of energy. Are there two types of people in this world? (There's obviously more than two.) Those who have a direct relationship between work and energy, and those with an inverse relationship. Ergo, the more you work, the more energy you have, or the more you work, the less energy you have. Energy self-perpetuating or self-extinguishing. Or however you'd like to think about people with a natural disposition towards momentum.

Which are you?

I have the feeling that the greatest amongst us have some spinal bond with momentum, some dark drive that let's them feel alone in a crowd and surrounded when alone. And those who gain strength from expelling it are prosaic in the moment,toiling and machinelike, but poetic in the overview; they hammer diamonds into skyscrapers.

Momentum is the hardest thing in life to get a hold of, and its not bought and sold on the stock exchange. It should be, but barely anyone would sell it, anyways. Momentum is something larger than most of us, and that's why only some of us can get a handle on it. Perhaps I'm being vague, but momentum has some mystery to it, and for just this post, I'll preserve that. Demystifying should come only after your mouth hurts too much from smiling.

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