Thursday, 24 February 2011

Front page or back page? Not equal sides of the coin, but still sides of the coin

The world is a hot-bed of political unrest, but the New York news scene has been dominated by basketball player unrest and the west coast exodus of Carmelo Anthony and Deron Williams. The situations and build-up were quite different in each case, but the end result is a palpable buzz in the country's largest media market. And if you turn on the radio or TV you'll hear about how great this is for the league that the #1 market is improving and hurtling its way back to the top of the heap. Well, maybe not for the Nets. And the Knicks still have plenty of teams in front of them... let's not talk about the end of the season when last night the Madison Square Garden crowd was bursting with enough luminous excitement to burn every hobo trash can in the city. Welcome back to NYC, Carmelo; I'll enjoy every iota of your play.

Mikhail Prokhorov paid the king's ransom for Deron Williams whom wasn't even reported by ESPN and co. as available, so that's a big steal. Is that hubris? They didn't know, so it's that special? Williams is the best point guard in the NBA, but as Wilbon pointed out on PTI, he doesn't have the same star-ticket-selling-power Carmelo Anthony has now in the Big Apple.

The point? While the middle east with Libya and Bahrain crumble--fascinating us because of the entente-like precarious balance of power in the region and the fact that the US and Europe will probably get involved because oil is at stake, do you think people care more about the migration of NBA stars or 20,000 Egyptians ex-patriots from Libya fleeing across the eastern Libyan border? And does it matter? Awareness is important for an enlightened society, but many people think their individual actions don't matter on the world stage, as per the continuing examples of American voter turnout. All I know is I don't want to live in a world where people only talk about themselves. Right now, in the twisting nether of cyberspace, thousands are tweeting about their every second basking in their own presence. And I don't care. While I may be more fascinated with Qaddafi's head possibly on a pike in the next weeks, there are still lighthearted alternatives, no matter which end of the newspaper you grab for first.

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