Friday, 28 January 2011

Take ego out of the equation and you'll never be a politician

Let's talk about the state of the union. I mean, we can talk about the actual speech, or we can talk about the seemingly synchronized clapping and backslapping that triggers the collective national gag reflex. According to a survey Bill O'Reilly was quoting, 47% of Americans have a favorable view of the Republican party and 46% of Americans have a favorable view of the Democratic party. And then Laura Ingram says that the country is center-right. What gave you that impression? Seems pretty even to me. But does that mean we're mostly philosophically center-right, or do we live to the right of center somewhere in Kansas City, MO?

Vaguery. Don't want vaguery in a political debate. That's why facts and figures are thrown about like packing peanuts from a teenager's U-haul. We can talk about percentages and this side has that, but what the President proposed is lots of spending. And spending is a root cause of many problems. Sure, you have to spend sometimes, but let's use our brains instead of our lapel pins. I'm all for meaningful social programs that actually aid those in need, but just call it like it is. Illegal immigration isn't a long explanation, it's cause and effect. You break the law by not living here with proper documentation and there are consequences. It has nothing to do with race or creed, it has to with respect for borders and proper legal paperwork. It's not sexy to talk about, but if you just look at issues in their simplest way, all sorts of little fun truths float to the surface. Does the government have a place to improve infrastructure? Sure. It was done by FDR and his many revitalizing programs (and yes there were a few duds amongst the gems). So, do it, put people to work in that capacity, but don't step into the boundaries of private industry by overdoing it and replacing all their capital expenditures by using taxpayer dollars to augment their assets. Oh, but then it will become public property, you say? Do you really want the projects most in need of careful construction and management to be handled by the government? Our municipalities don't exactly have the best track record for that.

Ok, ok. This is a rant, but it has a silver lining. While we're a nation divided in our viewpoints, we still have the ability to talk with one another and reason. This is my appeal to not clap for each other or not clap to make a message, but just listen and respond accordingly. Political parties are choking America, so don't just ascribe your beliefs to one or the other. Always question, especially these matters. You might just be horrified enough to care. Like why do almost half of Americans think Roe v. Wade should be repealed or reexamined? Are you joking? Oh, this is the country that outlawed alcohol before it gave women the right to vote. Let's learn from history not move personal freedoms backward ever again. Talk it out, and try to decipher if what you're saying is logical or if the other side is more logical. Take ego out of the equation and you'll never be a politician.

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