Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Sports talk?

Last night was the college football national championship. And as usual, people are up in arms. There's always controversy about something, and I suppose rightfully relatively so. This year it's Cam Newton's father. There's the continual dissent about the need for a playoff system. Was Oregon the right team to play Auburn? It was a close game scorewise, but Oregon's lightning offense was disrupted by the relentless Nick Fairely. Should the undefeated TCU have been in the ring instead? No one will ever know.

People speak about these issues like they're the primary political concerns of our country. And even think that congress should enact laws to reinforce their sports opinions. Such fire. Where's that fire for more meaningful pursuits?

I know alot about sports, sure, and that's useful, just as I know alot about cars now after being engrossed in that diversion for a while. Not good to refer to your favorite team as we and it's not good to only discuss these sorts of things. It's not good to ignore them because so many people do talk about it. And if you want to be in the loop, well, best chiggity check yoself. Also, it's interesting. The types of arguments people put out there with sports, the stats, the rationale.

Sports inspires people. Some are moved to great feats of strength, others to cook up a great plate of nachos. It has the power of spontaneity and constant concurrence. Epic, yet there's always next year. I've watched sports all my life, but my life isn't sports. Just something to enjoy, talk about, and laugh about. And that's something you can say about many things in life.

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