Monday, 17 January 2011

Snap your fingers and clap your hands for MLK day

Groove today. We celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to remember the life of a great man who protested peacefully and inspired tolerance in the hearts of millions. We remember that this holiday was not always accepted, especially in Arizona, where Governor Evan Mecham denied the holiday until he received overwhelming and rightful political opposition to respect the inception of the federal holiday.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. protested brazen war. He stood against the violence of some narrow-minded others in the civil rights movement. He was civil and he was murdered, like many forward-thinkers. His very existence teaches us to question and challenge the supposed standards around us if they're hurtful or come from a place of greed and selfishness. There's still prejudice in the world, discrimination, intolerance, but the world definitely better off from MLK's example. We've grown by leaps and bounds because of him. Just a short little post for one of my idols and one of my inspirations. And no, a man as great as he can never be corny: only worthwhile to listen to.

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