Sunday, 16 January 2011

Green marching

Last night, The New York Jets showed determination. The kind that makes mortals out of league MVPs. The kind that sends chilling silence through the who Northeastern corridor. Concentration for a 6 seed to take down a mighty 1 seed. It was a game of disbelief. The kind on Tom Brady's face, that everyone who picked the game picked the Patriots to win big. And low scoring as it was in the first half, there was that too. The Pats' high-octane offense grinding to a halt. And an interception.

Sanchez did his job well and the Jets' defense and ground attack personified the Rex Ryan way of winning, even when they've run their mouth all week. All of this is obvious. The outcome of the game wasn't. So as I walked the streets of New York to constant cheers, it was a warm feeling in the cold night. Bravo to those who break expectations.

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