Saturday, 18 December 2010

Poetic forms

Special night with a special lady with special food and special music. Reggie, Reggie Watts serenading me still today in my head. Hilarious and off-beat, Reggie's show was unexpected, uncanny, and almost undefinable except as soulful and hilarious.

If you find a Reggie Watts show near you, snatch up the tickets and prepare for something you've never seen. He beat boxes, plays piano, does impressions of anyone and everyone. It's everything entertainment should be.

It's poetry, the kind that makes you remember the definition of reverence. The you in this story is a hypothetical eager person, someone ready, willing, and able to push through life with a smile.

Speaking of poetry:

To be written in a moleskine of a specific color

Out and about
and under lights.
Joy is stout
held against a city night.

A form, formed in talk of haikus, sonnets,
free flow, and modern diatribes
soaks into me,
the idea mellow, calm, and warm--

If I were to rhyme, and if I were to sing,
I'd sing about this, about us, about mornings,
evenings, about soft, serene, and heavy things.

About simple joys, wrapped in questions,
wrapped like sins, virtues, last call trains--
that life will always be a happy leap,
and never, never too late.

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