Saturday, 4 December 2010

Onto the pavement and perhaps a woodsy path

I got into jogging because my dad jogged, and I looked and still do look up to him. He inspired me and still does. Just got back from a run and I feel fantastic. My legs carrying me, the thought transmitted instantly. Left, right, left, right. The neural impulses never cease to amaze.

Didn’t need to run the Olympic 10k to feel good from running, and I still don’t. That’s because of my start with running. My dad chugged and chugged away at it, and I do too, not only because it’s great exercise, but because it clarifies; shows us how to plan a path and take to it. Metaphorically, it’s progress. Moving forward, pounding away, taking the steps you need, dodging potholes and other obstacles. And you have to move forward to stay healthy. So there’s your dose of non-subtlety for the day.

Do you ever do that, readers out there behind the monitors? Appreciate the literal and metaphorical meanings of something like running? Sometimes I just step back and delight in the excitement of the simple; things that comfort us because of endorphin release and soothing cause-and-effect mentality. I run, I feel good. Straight and steady. Steady and true. So share a smile with someone about the easy things and the hard things. Those that require all we can muster, and those that just require stepping out the door and onto the pavement.

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