Sunday, 26 December 2010


Movie Review: Nine (2009)

I'm biased. I think Daniel Day-Lewis is the greatest living actor, bar none. So imagine my surprise when I read multiple reviews that he was miscast in this. There's no such thing. Daniel Day-Lewis can play God better than God. He plays Guido Contini, based famed director Federico Fellini and does a superb acting job with what he's got. I dug this movie, even though other people I know have seen it shoved it aside.

But, the main problem here is that the script assumes we're already familiar with the body of work of a fictionalized Fellini, the struggling, writer-blocked Contini. The movie is about his recent and current career struggles and the women in his life, all whom he has some complication with. Because he has complications with himself. Underneath all his wild success, he's rebelling against the responsibility of his talent and artistic vision to keep on creating.

The movie is done in two parts, the current reality and all the musicality that persists in his mind. All the songs are imagined by the genius of Guido; unfortunately not all the songs are genius. But, they all are enjoyable. What makes this movie a recommended view--is really the style. The style of the period and of the actors and of the music and the sets and all the strangeness that just needs so natural for Daniel Day-Lewis's character and for everything in the film. While the script has a lot of holes where it's not explained the why and how the characters came to connect, the gestalt of the movie is fashionable, exhilarating, and sparkling with sensuality. So, see it for that.

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