Thursday, 16 December 2010


Movie Review: Mother (1996)

I’ve seen Mother plenty of times, from the release 'til now. Seeing it once again, I’m reminded how it’s a true classic. Albert Brooks plays the role of a dejected science fiction author, recently divorced, and searching for the root of his writer's block. To wit, he moves back home to rekindle the simple joys that lead him to his profession, and to deconstruct his relationship with his mother who treated him with shame and cheapness.

This leads into the comic bickering between the mother, played by Debbie Reynolds, Albert Brooks, and the sports agent brother played by Rob Morrow. Every line is crafted with such perfect sarcasm. The mother is constantly explaining in embarrassment why her son is with her, with eventually leads into one heck of a realization later down the line.

Produced simply, the movie focuses on the growth and discovery of a man who never really grew up. Not to spoil the ending, but the epiphany moment is worth the whole thing. Both Albert Brooks and Debbie Reynolds' characters are layered, special, and worth the understanding exposed through pain, laughs, and wonderful mother-son dialogue that can only be seen here.

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