Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Marshal Brady

Haters gonna hate. That’s pretty much the gist of anything ever said ill of Tom Brady. The guy came from humble beginnings to create an NFL dynasty with possibly the world’s craftiest coach. Is Belichick a crybaby? Yup. That doesn’t make Tom Brady someone not to root for. Not that rooting for someone does anything, anyways. But, don’t hate. He studies, he performs. He doesn’t have time to wait around for hall of fame players to come to him—he augments the effectiveness of every single player on the roster. So the Patriots win a lot. Appreciate the galactic strategy and team management, how they replenish old with young talent. Enjoy the excellence.

A friend of mine reminded me of the negative attention such a model citizen gets. The Uggs boots “fiasco” offends people of a certain “manly” disposition. It’s bullshit machismo crap about a man that has proven his grit in the most clutch of situations. If the guy wants to wear ultra popular footwear intended first for women, then more power to him. He’s Tom fucking Brady, not Brett Favre. Favre has a massive ego and draws attention to himself needlessly through whining and dramatics. That's the antithesis of what the Patriots and Brady have been about. That's why they got rid of Randy Moss. Quiet confidence, not boisterous penis waving at Jets cheerleaders.

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