Thursday, 30 December 2010

Deconstructing the pinwheel: what do I want?

A confession: I don’t like starting sentences with “I,” yet I must to relate. To the audience, you folks out there, eyes bloodshot from staring a computer screen. Essential to how I’ve always approached writing is the understanding that writing is for the reader. When pen presses paper, the aim is to share knowledge, get feedback, and hopefully tap into the human experience. Send a groove down a reader's spine or just make someone laugh. Different aims, all true. That’s a simple part of what I want.

There are things big and small I desire. I want world peace and I want some clams (both fried and wallet-sized). Peace of mind and at least one good laugh per day. For Nabisco to bring back onion-flavored saltines, and to manifest the powers of telepathy and telekinesis. To finish my novel right quick. For all my friends to receive their New Year’s resolutions, to feel flows (in the Beach Boys sense), and be healthy, wealthy and wise as my grandfather would say. Speed up my actions, slow down my mental machinations. And use more alliteration, hallelujah!

A contemplation: progress is inherently good. I’ve always been pridefully preoccupied by the scientific method and the pursuit of knowledge; I want to be proud of many things, and I am. I wish for insight and effervescence to counter the tears, toils, and trials of life. Because life is worth every hardship for the myriad rushes and love we feel. Cheers to a year without condemnations and apocalyptic declarations such as “fuck the world” or other such nonsense. I want to know myself; that’s lifelong as well as yearlong. I want to know others and them to know me. People to work together to conquer their problems.

I speak to so many different people over the course of a day; here's a simple thanks to them and to the technology that connects us. I want some really good, really buttery popcorn and a great movie. I crave style and flair, compassion and tolerance all around me.

There are worthy pursuits I don’t have, and I all can do is be the best me I can be and maybe I’ll get lucky. Maybe I won’t. But wanting is not a sin. And what I really want in 2011 is the better of everything, the best of you, a sense of continuity and spontaneity (each day can be full of both, thankfully). Inspiration, dreams, and progress. No, wanting is certainly not a sin.

Cheers to getting what you crave this New Year.

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