Wednesday, 22 December 2010

372 years ago

372 years since the last lunar eclipse like the one that happened 2 nights ago on Dec 20-21. At first, the moon was a ball of blue. The kind pop godesses sing about with saccharine lyrics and easy breezy beats. I like those songs.

I stayed up until the wee late hours, moving around my house, angling my view to try and catch every corner of the unique experience. Sometimes the clouds would pass through, but as 3AM came, it looked like Mars swallowed up the moon.

The next will occur in 2094, and hopefully my kids will be able to say they saw what happened on Mulberry Str--I mean, what happened in the unique late night sky.

The transient colors of excitement (lunar eclipse 2010)

A hue, first blue,
true, it is new
to me and to you.

Unless you happen to be
a golem or an ancient belltower
perched high and lean,
pointing towards the sky
'til captive eclipse you glean.

Orange, orange hewn into the moon,
a cue to view a scene,
a sight so few have seen--

And you, you with your gaze transfixed,
and this poem written with olden glitz,
glammed to grasp a glimmer, a slice of rusted moon--

When long ago in caves we etched the sight of sights
ciphered in the heights of dreams;
we scratched with stoic runes.

That you and I have seen keen the blight of light entrancing:
a luna black from blue to red
now back to white, white as bread.

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