Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The rites of constant creativity

You’re about to type something soon, so watch your hands move as you ferret between the keys, as your fingers stamp your thoughts into digital immortality. Ok, so maybe it isn’t that grand, but trust me on this. Now watch other people type. Pretty cool, eh? Everyone has their own tempo, their own center to the keyboard. You’ll start to associate personality traits to the hunt and pecker, the high-finger-archer, the home-rower. Not everyone uses the home row keys. I don’t.

Back in the 4th grade, in Ms. Hendrick's class, I developed some sort of hybrid system where my right hand tends to move more than my left while I’m typing. And while I tend to only use my left hand pinky for the “q, a, and z and shift” letters, I use my right hand pinky for “enter, shift, all sorts of numbers, multiple letters.” It’s not standard. But it works. Is there ever a reason I should change that? It’s something that’s so ingrained in me and I type a lot. A LOT. I’m a fast and fairly accurate typist, too. Really. I don’t know what the states of my carpal tunnel muscles are, but I haven’t had any pains yet. And furthermore, there’s a weird of sense of pride in how I type; the unorthodoxy and the fact that I get it done as fast as Mila Jovovich hunts zombies. But is it technically, “wrong?” Maybe it’s biomechanically inefficient compared to the home row system. Only time and researchers at John's Hopkins can tell.

What things in your life have you hybridized? Not exactly followed the book, yet it works for you? I’m sure it’s a long list if you really think about it. Start up a conversation with your friends about this—see all the details and dimples, how it works, why it works. The way you shoot a basketball, the way you hold your pen, hold a steering wheel, your running gait. The way you handle a fork and knife, how you sit in a chair, how you like to have sex, everything. Any time you’re not feeling creative, go back to the comparison you had with your friends and remember you’re crafty even in how you tie your shoes before going out into the wild blue yonder.

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