Thursday, 25 November 2010

Happy happy Thanksgiving / no such thing as corniness

I sit here chewing my Trident and listening to the Crazy Heart soundtrack. Watch that movie—Jeff Bridges acts and sings like the King of Cool. Great drama, deep-dose-of-deep-sky cinematography; you just get the feeling while watching it that the human soul is being excavated expertly on the fly. I’m thankful for having seen it.

Thankful for those I love, my family, friends, thankful for the time I’m given to make magic, fun, and progress happen. Thankful for the tea leaves in the kettle, thankful for my mom’s cosmically good stuffing, thankful for this blog as an outlet, thankful that I have so many friends, thankful that I’ve set my life on the right road. Things big and small, all flowing through the power to affect myself and others positively with every tick tock; thankful that I will never in good conscience forsake that responsibility.

Then there’s the people that inspire me, the music that fuels me, the combined library of great human insight from great thinkers that expands me. There’s a lot to be thankful for. So don’t think this entry is too corny, and don’t think it’s too corny to hold hands during the imminent food coma and ponder fondly the millions of worthy endeavors available to you; the chances to create, plan, and thrust forward. Nothing’s too corny except the unwillingness to laugh at ourselves and others with the people we care about most. And to truly understand that the apex of openness is possible for anyone willing to combine the heart, mind, and soul. Now go eat up and be merry, don’t hold back a thing.

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