Saturday, 27 November 2010

Go, go, go

Go to your high school reunions. If it's anything like mine was last night, you'll have an absolute blast. Seeing everyone doing their thing, no matter what it is, is a sight to behold. Hugging people, toasting them up, talking them up--thank you guys for making it a great night.

A lot of cool cats graduated with me and this post is a shoutout to everyone who came last night. And time eases things; even people that you didn't speak to, speak to them now. Why not? Guaranteed all parties involved will crack a smile.

So, while you're recovering the day after, laugh some more by watching Viral Video Film School hosted by Brett Erlich. Dig through the archives to whichever topic hits your fancy, such as Shirtless Karaoke Internet Dating or Fat Morons in Spandex. The show is professionally done and hosted on CurrentTV, the station Al Gore founded. So watching is like shaking the vice president's hand.

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